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Car Insurance Full Guide

Car Insurance means insuring the financial risk involved while operating the car. The car might meet with any damages, accident or may be lost or stolen. In such a situation the losses borne by the owner may be compensated by the insurance company if the same is covered under auto insurance policy. Under the provisions of Auto Vehicles Act all the vehicles, which are operating in public places should have a car insurance policy at least to cover third party liability as specified under the Act. It means that the car insurance must cover the third party in case of any accident. It may or may not cover the damages of the owner of the car.
Car Insurance Full Guide
There are 2 types of car insurance policies.

Third Party Car Insurance Policy

This type of policy only covers the third person who has been damaged or injured in an accident where the owner is accountable. It covers the insured person's liability to third parties' loss caused by an accident involving the auto vehicle of the insured. This refers to the minimum risks that are to be covered under the Auto Vehicles Act 1938 (Act Liability). It doesn't cover the expenses, damage, theft or injuries of the owner. This type of plan is made compulsory by the law of India.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

This type of plan has a wider scope and covers all the above mentioned liability along with the insured person's damage, theft, expenses and injuries in result of an accident of the auto vehicle. This type of policy can be extended to increase benefits as an additional feature. It is advisable to opt for a comprehensive motor insurance policy as it covers the repairing costs of the damage caused to your car also.

Zero Depreciation Cover

In case you need to replace some parts of your car, the car insurance plan pays you the depreciated value of the part and not the invoice value of the part. In case you have opted for a Depreciation Cover, you would be paid the actual price of the part and not the depreciated value. Insurance companies usually offer this value added cover for cars which are a maximum of 2 to 3 years old. This benefit comes with a small increase in premium.

Emergency Assistance

There are a variety of assistance which insurance companies offer as add-on covers. These include emergency transport, daily allowances, assistance if you run of out fuel, assistance in case of a flat battery, towing facilities, taxi benefits to name a few. Some are offered as freebies and some are charged as part of the annual premium itself. Small measures which can actually be very handy when you are stranded.

Invoice price cover

In case of a "total loss" of your car due to severe damage, the insurance companies will pay you the depreciated value of your car and not the price to purchase a new car. If you opt for this add-on cover, you effectively receive an amount to purchase a brand new car. Companies also pay the road tax and registration costs with this cover. It is also called the "Return to Invoice" cover. This too is available only for cars which are 2 to 3 years old and can be availed by paying extra premiums.

Keys and Locks Replacement Cover

In case the keys to your car are lost, this will cover the costs of replacement. In case new locks need to be procured, this will cover that cost also. Usually this is available only once during a policy period.

No Claim Bonus Protection

In case you have not made any claims in your policy, you get discounts on renewal in the form of No-claims Bonus. This can lead to substantial savings in your renewal premium. In case, you have accumulated a good No-claims bonus %, this add-on cover will protect your against the loss of this bonus in case of a claim you make. You will be able to carry on your NCB % on renewal.

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